Stephen Cox Garden Trust is a Registered  Charity (number: 1174239)


The Garden Library

I am building a Garden Library. This is additional to my main library in the house which now comprises several thousand items.


I have always loved books and started collecting them when I was a child, spending my pocket money in second hand bookshops and brica-brac shops in Stroud, inspired and guided by my Uncle Terry who engendered in me a love of learning and a passion for books and for history.


The Garden Library is also for the benefit of the students and volunteers of The Trust. The books are in the Summerhouse which affords a place of study, rest, calm, and shade. 



Library Study Room

The Garden Library is located in the lage summer house on the other side of the pond and beach.  This is used as a reference place and tutorial base to help our students and volunteers. It is fully equipped with desk, lighting, chairs etc and is about14ft. x 10ft.

PurposeThe purpose of the collection is to provide specific reference tools for teaching and horticulture in general as well as wildlife audits and study. It also enables investigation for various projects and community activities. Another use of the library is to enhance understanding of the heritage and traditions of gardening, landscape, design, conservation etc. (this of course includes the work of the great gardeners, landscapers, designers, botanists  etc of the past).

The scientific and social aspects of horticulture is not ignored for there are sections on the social history of gardens and landscape. And also such matters as ecology, conservation, botany, ornithology,  soil science, aboriculture, etc.

In the area of culture and art there is a collection of books dealing with how artists, poets, and writers have responded to the landscape and the idyll of the garden and nature.

Access & Use: Acccess to the Garden Library and Study room is restricted to our Trustees,  Council of Advsers, Society of Friends, Volunteers, and Students. It is a reference library and no books are loaned out.

Library Sections

The GARDEN LIBRARY comprises related categories (all within the broad themes of gardening/landscape/nature/ heritage  etc) which are:

1. Great gardeners.

2. Great gardens.

3. History of English landscape.

4. Landscape design.

5. English country houses & parks.

6. Garden wildlife.

7. Botany.

8. Propagation.

9. Greenhouse gardening.

10. Garden design & decor.

11. Architecture.

12. Trees & shrubs.      

13. Encyclopaedias.

14. Butterflies & moths.

15. Amphibians.

16. Birds.    

17. Insects & Bees.      

18. Water gardening/ponds.

19. Garden d.i.y. & crafts.

20. Wild plants/flowers.

21. Dartmoor.

22. County gardens.

23. Herbs.

24. Rural social history.

25. Wayfinding.

26. The English village.

27. Mammals.

28. County Landscapes.

29. Photography.

30. Astronomy.

31. British Wildlife.

32. British landscape painters.

33. Literature and the landscape

34. Art and the landscape

35. Archaeology & Landscape.

36. Rivers and Landscape.

37. Woods & Landscape

38. Town/urban Gardens.

39. Sacred Landscape.

40. Gardens & spirituality

41. Garden Lore/legends/myth

42. Ecology.

43. Environment.

43. Geology/soil/geography.


New sections and subjects will be added.   So far the garden faculty of The Library comprises several hundred items. It is of course always growing. 



Donations to the Library are always welcome. Books you no longer need for example. Or perhaps you have noticed a gap in the range of subjects covered and would like to start a department.


Publishers are also welcome to send review copies.


For anyone wishing to fund a sizeable batch of books (for example a new category) then your name will appear here as the Sponsor.


Please contact:

(note: only enquiries dealing exclusively with the garden are accepted)

The garden section of the Library is housed in the Summerhouse which is fully equipped for study and relaxation.

Library Inventory

The books below represent only those items in the Garden related subjects which have been added since 2015. There are at least another 250 books of this section which have not yet been extracted  and thus are not show below.


These books refer only to the Garden Section of the library of the Stephen Cox Trust. This is a major collection of specifically selected and related subjects comprising over 10,000 items.,


The entries below contain (in order):

Library number.   Book Title.     Author.   Publisher. Publication Year.   Number of Pages.    Donor.


9819.  British Moths & Butterflies Phot Guide (C.Manley) A&C Black. 2008. 352p.        

9820.  Field Guide Bumblebees GB/Eire (M.Edwards/M.Jenner) Ocelli. 2005. 108p 

9821.    Moles (R.Atkinson) Whittet. 2013. 138p                                                                 

9822.    Complete Guide British Insects. (M.Chinnery) Collins.  2005. 385p

9823.   The Be Garden (M.Little) Spring Hill. 2009. 267p                                           

9824,  Complete FlowerGuide (variousr)Collins.’09704p.

9825. Complete Fungi Guide  (S.Buczacki/C.Shields/D.Ovenden). Collins.‘12. 640p. 

9841.  The Survival Imperative (William E. Burroughs) Forge.  2006. 317p. 

9842.  Greeenhouse Gardening (Macself & Turner) Collingridge. 1982. 288p               

9845   Guide to Freshwater Fish (P.S.Maitland/K.Linsell). Philips.2006. 272p.                

9846.   Britain’s Freshwater Fishes (Mark Everard) Wild Guides. 2013. 144pages.          

9847.    Coldwater Fishes (Dick Mills) Salamander. 1984. 116pages.                                 

9848.  Coldwater Fishkeeping (Andrew Eade)  Ring Press. 1999. 79pages.                      

9850.World Freshwater Fish/RiverCreatures (Gilpin/Schmid-Araya).Hermes’11.256p. 

10010.  The Complete Illustrated Book of Herbs (Readers Digest) 2011. 400p             

10011.  The Complete Herb Book (J.McVicar) Kyle/RHS. 2011. 304p                                 

10012.     Culpepper’s Complete Herbal (N.Culpepper) Wordsworth Ref. 2007. 595p    

10013.     Ultimate Book of Herbs & Herb Gardening (J.Houdret) Lorenz. 1999. 256p  

10014.     RHS Latin F/-or Gardeners (L.Harrison) Mitchell Beazeley. 2012. 224p 

                                       ---------(donor: S.B.Cox)---------   

10015.     RHS Botany For Gardeners (RHS) Mitchell Beazely. 2013. 224p                         

10016.     Ornamental,Shrubs,Climbers,Bamboos (G.S.Thomas) Sagapress.1992.585p  

10017.     Complete Guide to British Wildflowers (P.Sterry) Collins. 2006. 302p              

10018.     The Vegetation of Britain & Ireland (M.Proctor) Collins. 2013. 516p                

10019.     Field Guide To Moths (P.Waring/M.Townsend).BWP.  2003 .444p                    

10020.     The Wildlife Pond Handbook (L.Bardsley) Wildlife Trusts. 2012. 80p               

10021.     Flower Garden Colour Schemes (Gertrude Jekyll) Lincoln. 1988. 186p            

10022.     Container Gardening (J.Hendy) Collins. 2004. 160p                                             

10023.     The Art of Planting (G.S.Thomas) GM.Dent/National Trust. 1984. 323p.        

10024.     Encyclopaedia of Perennials (ed.:G.Rice) DK/RHS. 2006. 496p                         

10025.     Trees How To Grow Them (M.Lipscombe/J.Stokes)Tree Council. 2008.154p 

10026.     101 Ideas For Wildlife Friendly Garden (Gardeners Woirld) BBC.2009.214p.

10027.     RSPB Book of Garden Wildlife (P.Holden/G.Abbott) RSPB. 2008. 240p           

10028.     Designing & Planting Woodland Garden (K.Wiley) Timber. 2014. 227p           

10029.     The Creative Shrub Garden (A.McIndoe) Timber. 2014. 248p                            

10030.     The Secret Lives of Garden Wildlife (D.Couzens) RSPB.2008. 160p              

10031.     Encyclopaedia Planting Combinations (T.Lord/A.Lawson). RHS. 2008.464p  

10032.     The Hiller Manual of Trees and Shrubs (RHS) 20014. 567p.                               

10033.     RHS Fuchsias (G.Barttlett) RHS/DK. 2011. 80p                                                     

10034.     Harmony (HRH the Prince of Wales).  Blue Door. 2010. 328p                         

10035.     Heligan- The Lost Gardens (T.Petherick/M.Eclare) W&N. 2004. 192p          

10036.     Highgrove-A Garden Celebrated (HRH Charles/B.Guiness)W&N.2014.240p

10037.     What Plant Where Encyclopaedia (RHS) DK. 2014. 400p                               

10038.     Highgrove-Portrait of Estate  (HRH Charles/C.Clover) Chapmans.1993.282p 

10039.     Encyclopaedia of Plants & Flowers (RHS) DK. 2010. 744p.                                

10040.     My Lifetime of Gardening (Percy Thrower) Hamlyn. 1977. 176p                       

10041.     Vita Sackville-West’s Sissinghurst- (S.Raven) Virago. 2014. 382p                      

10042.     The History of the Countryside (O.Rackham) Phoenix. 2000. 445p                  

10043.     Nymans-Story of a Sussex Garden (S.Nicholson) HistoryPress. 2010. 192p    

10044.     The Cotswolds Finest Gardens (T.Russell) Amberley.2013. 160p.                     

10045.     The Most Amazing Gardens In Britain & Ireland. Readers Digest.2011.320p

10046.     History of Kew Gardens  (R.Desmond) Harvill. 1995.468p                                 

10047.     Propagating Plants (ed.A.Toogood). RHS/DK. 1999. 320p.                                  

10048.     The Gardens of Gertrude Jeykll (R.Bisgrove) FrancesLincoln. 1992. 192p       

10049.     The Lost gardens of Heligan (T.Smit). Orion.  2005. 248p.                                 

10050.     The John Tradescants (P.Leith-Ross) PeterOwen. 2006. 241p.

10051.     The Temples of Delight-Stowe (J.M.Robinson) NatTrust/Pitkin. 1999.176p   

10052.     Gentlemen Gardeners (T.Mowl) HistoryPress. 200. 218p.                                  

10053.     In My Garden (Christopher Lloyd) Bloomsbury. 1993. 276p.                      

10054.     The Renaissance Garden In England (R.Strong) T&H. 1979. 240p                

10055.     Biddulph Grange-Victorian Garden Rediscovered (P.Hayden).NT.1989.160

10056.     The Garden At Highrove (HRH Charles/C.L.Green) W&N. 2000. 176p              

10057.     This Other Eden (A.Wulf/E.Gieben-Gamal) Little Brown. 2005. 414p               

10058.     Capability Brown & 18th.C Landscape. (R.Brown) Phillimore. 1985. 204p       

10059.Capability Brown-Omnipotent Magician (J.Brown).Pimlico. 2012. 384p

10060.  Christo Lloyd His Life At Grt Dixter(S.Anderton) Pimlioc. 2011. 240p. 

10061.     Churchill & Chartwell  (S.Buczacki) Frances Lincoln. 2007. 324p                     

10062.     The RHS Encyclopaedia of Garden Design  (ed.C.Young) D&K. 2009. 360p     

10063.     Pondlopdaedia (G.Quick) RingPress. 2004. 223p                                                  

10064.     Meadowland- An English Field (J.Lewis-Stempel) BlackSwan. 2014. 292p     

10065.     Beatrix Potter’s Gardening Life (M.McDowell) Timber. 2013. 340p.                

10066.     The English Garden Through 20th.Century (J.Brown) GardenArt.1999.28

10067.     The Rothschild Gardens  (M.Rothschild) Gaia. 1996. 190p                                 

10068.     The Garden At Buckingham Palace (J.Brown/C.S.Sykes) Royal. 2004.224p      

10069.     The Garden At Levens (C.Crowder) Frances Lincoln. 2005. 160p                     

10070.     John Brookes Gardener/Landscaper (B.Simms). Conran.  2008. 207p              

10071.     The Wild Garden (W.Robinson/R.Darke) Timber. 2009. 355p                           

10072.     Garden At Chatsworth (Duchess Devonshire) Frances Lincoln. 1999. 192p.   

10073.     Hampton Court Gardens (T.Longstaffe-Gowan) Frances Lincoln. 2005.208p 

10074.     William Robinson (R.Bisgrove) Frances Lincoln. 2008. 256p                              

10075.     Hamilton’s Gardens of Painshill (M.Symes) Frances Lincoln.2010. 476p.        

10076.     The Laskett- Story of a Garden  (R.Strong) Bantam. 2003. 272p                   

10077.     History of British Gardening (M.Hadfield) Penguin. 1960. 509p                   

10078.     Encyclopaedia of Water Gardening (P.Swindells) Interpret. 2004. 208p          

10079.     Sissinghurst- An Unfinished Story (A.Nicholson) Harper. 2009. 358p            

10080.     The Victorian Kitchen Garden  (J.Davies) BBC. 1987. 160p                             

10081.     In Search of English Gardens  (John Claudius Loudon) N.T. 1988. 256p           

10082.     Dream Gardens of England (B.Baker/J & M.Harpur)  Merrell 2000. 352p   

10083.     Malmesbury Abbey House Gardens (M.Child). Amberley. 2011. 224p            

10084.     The Pursuit of Paradise (J.Brown). Harper Collins. 1999. 377p            

10085.     Historic Gardens of Dorset (T.Mowl). Tempus. 2003. 192p                                

10086.     Gardens Through Tiume (J.Owen/D.Gavin). BBC. 2004. 240p                        

10087.     Rose Gardens (J.Fearnley-Whittingstall). Chatto-Windus. 1989. 202p

10088.     The Garden Makers (G.Plumpetre). Pavillion. 1993. 240p.                                 

10089.     Garden Ornament Source Book(.Wilkinson/.Henderson).Cassell.1992.226p.

10090.     A Year At Barnsdale (T.Hamilton). Headline. 2002. 192p.                                 

10091.     How To Read An English Garden (A.Eburne/R.Taylor). Ebury.2006. 277p

10092.     Gardeen In Britsih Art 1800-Now.  Tate. 2004. 256p                                            

10093.     Geoff Hamilton: Life & Garden  (G.Search/T.Hamilton) BBC. 1998. 192p 

 10094.    Percy Thrower A Biography (T.O’Sullivan) Sidgwick/Jackson.1989.160p     

10095.     The Well Tempered Garden (Christopher Lloyd) Phoenix. 2001. 368p.      

10096.     The Garden At Hidcote (F.Witsey) Frances Lincoln. 2007. 160p.                       

10097.     Lawrence Johnston-Creator of Hidcote (G.S.Pearson) NT. 2010. 282p.     

10098.     The Year At Great Dixter (Christopher Lloyd)  Viking. 1987. 182p.                    

10099.     The Brother Gardeners-Botany & Empire (A.Wulf).Heinmann. 1998. 356p.  

10100.     History Of London’s Parks & Gardens (M.Gallinou). Anaya. 1990. 224p.   

10101.     Gardens of The Gods (C.McIntosh). Taurus. 2005. 203p.                                    

10102.     The Natural History of the Garden (M.Chinery). Collins. 1977. 208p.          

10103.     The Garden-An English Love Affair (J.F-Whittingstall).T.Smart.2002.360p

10104.     Thomas Mawson:Life,Gardens,Landscapes(J.Waymark)F.Lincoln.2009.240p 

10105.     My Secret Garden (Alan Titchmarsh) BBC. 2012. 192p                                    

10106.     Historic Gardens of Somerset (T.Mowl/M.Mako). 2010. 303p.                          

10107.     Pruning Training (C.Bicknell/D.Joyce) RHS/DK. 2011. 336p                                

10108.     Gertrude Jekyll’s Lost Garden (R.Wallinger) Garden Art. 2006. 216p.          

10109.     Perennial Garden Plants (G.Stuart Thomas). Dent. 1990. 463p                         

10110.     The Self Sustaining Garden (P.Thompson). Frances Lincoln. 2007.192p.

10111.     Georgian Gardens (D.C.Stuart). Hale. 1979. 256p                                                

10112.     StickyWicket-GardenNatureHarmony(P.Lewis)FrancesLincoln.2005.208p

10113.     The Moreville Hours (K.Swift) Bloomsbury. 2008. 368p                                     

10114.     Neanderthal Man-Lost Genome Search (S.Paabo) Basic. 2014. 275p         

10115.     In Search of The Neanderthals (C.Stringer/C.Gamble) T&H. 1993. 247p   

10116.     Dorset- Making of the English Landscape.(C.Taylor) H&S. 1970. 215p.     

10117.     The English Landscape. (various) Profile Books. 2000. 460p                              

10118.     English Landscape in the 20th.Century (T.Rowley) Hambledon. 2006. 472p    

10119.     Suffolk’s gardens & Parks (T.Williamson) Wind/Garber. 2000. 205p          

10120.     The Gloucestershire Landscape (HPR Finberg) H&S. 1975. 141p.                     

10121      The Story of the Garden (E.Sinclair-Rohde) Medici. 1989. 326p                        

10122.     Landscape in Britain 1850-1950 (Arts Council). 1983. 172p                               

10123.     The Landscape of Thomas Hardy (D.K-Robinson) Webb/Bower.1984.240p   

10124.     The Somerset Landscape (M.Havinden) H&S. 1976. 272p                                 

10125.     Historic Gardens of Oxford & Cambridge (M.Batey) Macmillan. 1989. 192p  

10126.     How To Store Your Garden Produce (P.Warren) Green. 2009. 143p                  

10127.     Medieval English Gardens (T.McLean) Dover. 2014. 298p.                                 

10128.     A History of English Food (C.Dickson-Wright) RH. 2011. 500p                        

10129.     Storing Home Grown Fruit & Veg (P.Peacock). HowTo. 2011. 180p                

10130.     Wildwood Wisdom (E.Jaeger).  Shelter. 1945. 499p.                                          

10131.     Walkers Guide to Outdoor Clues & Signs (T.Gooley). H&S. 2014. 438p.    

10132.     Landmarks (R.McFarlane). HH. 2015. 387p                                                           

10133.     Glossary of Garden History (M.Symes). Shire. 2006. 152p                                

10134.     A Life of Joseph Paxton (K.Colquhoun). Godine. 2003. 303p                              

10135.     The Victorian Gardener (A Wilkinson) Sutton. 2006. 236p                                 

10136.     Return To Akenfield  (C.Taylor). Granta. 2006. 231p                                            

10137.     The Medieval Park (ed.R.Liddiard). Windgather. 2007. 207p                   

10138.     The Gardens At Castle Howard (M.Kipling). FrancesLincoln. 2010. 110p

10139.     Garden Styles- An Essential Guide (F.Cox). Crowood. 210. 240p                       

10140.     Soul Craft- Nature & Psyche (B.Plotkin) New World. 2003. 368p                      

10141.     Akenfield (R.Blythe) Penquin. 1989. 287p.                                                    `     

10142.     Becoming Animal- Earthly Cosmology (D.Abram). Vinage. 2011.315p     

10143.     A Little History of British Gardening (J.Uglow).Pimlico. 2005.342p.               

10144.     The English Village Green (B.Bailey) R.Hale. 1985. 223p                                   

10145.     Book of English Village (ed.J.Hadfield) Peerage. 1980. 384p.                          

10146.     Property & Landscape (T.Williamson/L.Bellamy).G.Phillip.1987.240p  

10147.     The Art of the Kitchen Garden (J.& M.Gertley) Taunton. 1999. 152p          

10148.     The Manor Reborn-Avebury (S.Evans). NT. 2011. 260p                                      

10149.     Hidden Gardens (P/David) Cassell. 2002.176p                                                     

10150.     Landscapes decoded (S.Oosthuizen) Univ.Herts.  2006. 174p

1051.   ParadiseOut of a Common Field (J.Morgan/A.Richards).Century.1990.256p 

10152.     A Contemplation on Flowers (B.J.Ward).Timber. 1999. 446p                              

10053.  Wayfinding Without a Map or Compass (H.Gatty). Dover.1958.287p            

10154.   The Making of the British landscape (F.Pryor) Penguin.2010.812p                     

10155.   Labouring Life in Victorian Countryside (P.Horn) Sutton. 1995.292p         

10156.     Story of Britain Thru Cooking (K.Colquhoun)Bloomsbury.2007.461p          

10157.     The Natural Navigator (T.Gooley).Virgin.2010.296p                                            

10158.     Badgerlands (P.Barkham). Granta. 2013. 401p.                                                    

10159.     The Moor- English Wildnerness (W.Atkins).Faber&Faber.2014. 371p     

10160.     Fields,Hedges & Ditches (N.Harvey).Shire. 1976. 32p.                                        

10161.     English Pleasure Garden 1660-1860 (Sarah J. Downing).Shire.2009.64p    

10162.     Deserted Villages (T.Rowley/J.Wood). Shire.1982. 72p                                        

10163.     The Natural History of An English Village (S.Moss).Vintage.2010.395p     

10164.     The Natural Explorer (T.Gooley).Sceptre.2013.360p                                            

10165.     The Old Ways-A Journey on Foot (R.McFarlane).Penguin.2010.433p.    

10166.     Old English Villages (Perry/Gore/Flemming).Weidenfeld.1986.160p        

10067.     Gardens And The Picturesque (J.D.Hunt).M.I.T. 1997.388p                                

10168.     Butterflies of Britain & Ireland (M.Easterbrook).Black. 2010.352p                  

10169.     Collins Butterfly Guide (T.Tolman/R.Lewington).2008. 384p                              

10170.     Collins Guide To British Animals (P.Stery).2005.224p.

10171  Dormice (P.Morris). Whittet. 2004.144p.  

10172.   Stoats,Weasels,Polecats,Martens (P.Sleeman).Whittet. 1989.119p    

10173. Beavers (A.Kitchener). Whittet. 2001. 144p                                                              

10174.     Shrews of the British Isles (S.Churchfield) Shire. 1988. 24p.                              

10175.     Otters (P.Chanin). Whittet. 2013. 150p                                                                   

10176.     Squirrels (J.Holm). Whittet. 1994. 127p                                                                 

10177      Frogs and Toads  (T.Beebee). Whittet. 1984. 121p                                              

10178.     The Making of the English Landscape (W.G.Hoskins)H&S. 1988. 256p       

 10179.    Mammal Detective (R.Strachan). Whittet. 1995. 128p.                                       

10180.     Garden Creepy Crawlies (M.Chinnery). Whittet. 1986. 172p.                           

10181.     Bats (P.Richardson). Whittet. 1985. 128p                                                          

10182.     Owls (C.Mead). Whittet. 1987. 128p                                                                     

10183.     Ponies In The Wild (E.Gill). Whittet. 1994. 128p                                                 

10184.     Wildcats (M.Tomkies). Whittet. 108p. 1991.                                                        

10185.     Urban Foxes (S.Harris). Whittet. 1986. 128p.  

 10186.      Country Foxes (H.Kolb). Whittet. 1996. 128p.                                                     

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The garden is private and is not open to the public on a daily basis. The Trust and the Garden is not a business or commercial enterprise and is strictly not-for-profit. It is a private educational Trust serving charitable objectives for the public good as defined by Charity Law in England and Wales. However in the interest of education and public benefit and to help enable others appreciate its work Stephen Ben Cox invites schools/gardening clubs/w.i's and other groups to arrange a private tour of his garden by prior appointment (the private visits season 2019 is: 14 May to 01 August). The Trust (registered charity number: 1174239) is unfunded except for donations. All income is used entirely to support the work and goals of the Trust. Stephen Ben Cox, the Trustees and Volunteers work unpaid. The Trust is seeking business sponsors to support the goals and activities of the Trust. Individual donations are also gratefully received .


Any opportunity, event, facility or activity listed is philanthropic and offered in a private capacity in a spirit of good will for the benefit and enrichment of society. No project or activity or anything published on this website grants any rights or assumptions of private access, or any other rights to either property or possession thereon or therein.


All visitors, volunteers, students, etc assume full personal responsibility for any accident/injury/ damage/loss to themselves or their possessions. Any visitor/volunteer/ student etc visits/partakes of their own volition and at their own risk. No claims will be accepted. Visitors should take note with regards to such things as: uneven ground, spiky/thorny plants, deep water, loose rocks & walling, slippery paving etc Students and volunteers must accept all our guides/terms produced for their well-being, health and safety.