Stephen Cox Garden Trust is a Registered  Charity (number: 1174239)

SPONSORS & Credits

The Trust has grown from being just my own garden to a community resource and a focus for horticultural education, understanding conservation, appreciating wildlife and an inspiration and help for others. I believe that a garden fully comes alive (as with a landscape) if it touches others. I have been extremely happy since moving  here, my life has changed and I have been at peace to create the garden of my dreams- which I wish to share with others.

There are several people and organisations and companies to whom I would like to publicly thank and give due recognition. They range from: our Sponsors,  team-support, volunteers, students, Workawayers (from across Europel,  the NGS, Lord and Lady Lansdowne and the Bowood Estate,  through to simple acts of kindness and words of encouragement or reassurance.



Meet Our Sponsors

Here we wish to express our thanks to various companies who are sponsoring and supporting our Trust (U.K. Registered Charity number 1174239):

The company „Ingenieur-und Planungsbüro LANGE Gbr“ which has its headquarter in Moers (Germany) was founded by Wolfgang Kerstan and Gregor Stanislowski in the year 2001.The main working areas of this company are landscape architecture, biotopmanagment and environmental planning and studies. In addition to this they give young students the opportunity to work in the company for several weeks to get a better understanding of what this type of job is all about.

(We are  grateful to them for a very generous donation to help support our European students/volunteers residential education placements and other projects)


Whetman Pinks

Of Devon who are a long standing grower and supplier of all types of pinks of many different varieties and also Britain's premier breeder and exporter.

They are kindly sponsoring the room 'Theophrastus Corner' by supplying us with a large number of carnations, pinks, dianthus etc. Their plants are also to be found in the followings rooms/areas:   The Urns Garden (blue/purple/white); The Cottage Garden (Jekyll's View) and the orange/yellow/white beds.

Visit them at:

Ice Alpines

Are a specialist nursery in Worcestershire producing  British grown quality alpine plants. The good loam based compost ensures speedy establishment to enable you to  quickly enjoy the benefits of growing your own beautiful rockery.

Our  alpine area 'Wilderswil' has been enhanced  by their sponsorship.

You can visit them at:

Pepperpot Herb Nursery

A family run specialist wholesale herb nursery in Hampshire now in their 20th. year  (it's named after the landmark Pepperpot building in Goldaming Surrey where they started). They only grow on a seasonal basis without artificial heat or light.

Pepperpot are kindly sponsoring our herb garden (Culpepper's Delights) with plants.

The Bowood Estate

The Marquis and the Marchioness of Lansdowne at the 2016 official opening/private viewing of the garden.

Since moving here in 2012  I have been made to feel very welcome by The Estate.

In particular they have been supportive and understanding of my creative efforts of creating this unusual the garden from scratch and the aim of service t9 tge community. Every encouragement has been afforded me. And this has spurred on my efforts.

Lord and Lady Lansdowne kindly visited me to open the garden in 2016 and also were sympathetic of my entering my garden on to the National Gardens Scheme and in becoming a registered charity in 2017. 

I would also like to thank Lord Lansdowne for always offering a tip or two about plants, for being very encouraging of my projects and garden plans overall, and for being so sympathetic towards my vision. His comments and observations are always kind and most perspicacious

A note of thanks should also go to Sarah Goodall at the Estate Office who has always been most helpful. It was also she who first encouraged me to try for the National Gardens Scheme.

Personal Acknowledgements

I would like to express my thanksto my Trustees (and my Council of Advisers). And credit to my students and volunteers (past and present) many of whom have become friends.

A special note of note of thanks goes to my Trustee and good friend Simon Kerstan and his family in Germany who have been so personally kind and supportive.

And to Langegbr of Germany for their genosity and support without whom several of our educational programmes (especially our European students placements) and other projects could not exist.


Special Credits

Rich Boyd and Rob MacNaughton

Local Students/Helpers

Thank James to my first garden Volunteer/Student. James who helped me half a day a week from August 2016 to September 2017. He was diligent, and a good learner. It's was a pleasure to work with him.

And also Josh who helped in 2017 as part of his degree course in Geography at Bath University. He designed the scale colour map of the garden. 


Throughout the year I  have student volunteers age 18-27 from abroad. They are here for between 4 and 8 weeks.  

So far these have been:     David (Switzerland); Bastien (Switzerland); Ryan (California USA); Theo (France); Simon (Germany); Jung (South Korea); Gabriel (France); Julian (Germany); Giovanni (Italy); Lucas (France); Nik (Germany) Giovanni & Luise (Germany);  Vito (Germany); Mark (Hungary).

They have all be good company,  helped with projects and improvements, integrated well in to the local community, Three of them have also become Trustees of my charity.


I would like to thank those who helped out as Stewards at my 'Garden Open Days' :

Angie Cleverly;  Martin Cleverly; Cllr.Robert MacNaughton; Mona Diaz; Georgina Holcombe; Colette Som; James Thompson.


Other Thanks  

To  Richard Boyd and Rob MacNaughton. They probably are responsible for preventing me having serious injuries by  helping me install three of the heaviest statues (Mars, Athene, and The Lovers) each at over 5ft.tall and weighing between 215 and 250 kilos!

Nick Self: (of Studley village) who has donated a large number of books on: ecology; wildlife; conservation;  geography; land management; environment.

Please Help!

The Garden is non-commercial and exists to serve nature/wildlife, the community, education  and charity fund raising for worthy causes. It has no means of support other than donations and gifts from individuals. The Founder lives on a state pension.


If you have been inspired at all by what you have seen and read on this website, or by your visit to the garden, please consider supporting it in any of the following ways:


1. Financial Donation.

Any sum small or large will be gratefully accepted. All sums received are paid directly into a special garden bank account and can only be used for the garden as  specified by the consitution of the Garden Trust. Accounts are produced and made public and every penny received and purchase made is accounted for.


2. The Friends Society:

Please consider becoming a Friend of The Garden (member). This the community society to help support the garden but also further education and friendship, mutual support and help protect wildlife.

There is a nominal annual subscription of only £10 (£5 for those under 18).

Friends have the advantage of the following:

1. invitation to the annual private viewing;   2. access to the Library; 3. garden picnics;   4. private tours; 5. visits to historic sites and gardens;  6. Lectures;     7. Wildlife walks; 8. Photography & painting exhibition;      9. Nature watch/local species count;       10. Workshops in The Garden;     11.  Fund raising events;     12. Art lessons in The Garden;   13. Wildfood Event.   There is also a Newsletter by email.


3. Gifting Items

You can also support the garden trust by making donations in kind. There are so many ways to do this via things you no longer need. For example:

giving books;

replacing broken garden tools; 

giving plants;

making things;

supplying raw materials; 

lending skills for projects;

baking cakes for open days.


4. Projects Needing Your Help



If you want to help or if you know how to get the materials please get in touch or if you have contacts, or know suitable companies/ businesses then please do get in touch.

Note as we are a registered charity companies can deduct from tax the amount they donate or goods they supply)

1. Woodland & Wildflowers Meadow. We need wildflower turves (or money for it) and wildflower plants. Also helps te-organising this area.

2. Apiary. We hope to help bee populations in the area by setting up bee hives. Can you help?

3. Treehouse.

4. Soundproofing & insulating the summerhouse study/library and for the gym. Also laminate floor for study.

5. Fruit : Replacement fruit trees & bushes.

6. Auditing Equipment : for recording/auditing moths & butterflies. Also a drone and filming equipment.

7. Wildlife habitats/boxes

8. Mountain bikes for student volunteers/assistants.

9. Garden Wifi: we need a repeater/extender to enable the summerhouse to be on the net fir teaching/research.  We also need a teaching screen.

10. Apple Pressing : juice pressing/cider making. We need an apple press.

11. Mushroom spawn for the dedicated fungi area

12. Sound buffer garden fence to reduce noise from the A4 which is now very intrusive.

13. Solar heating panels for pool for use by students/volunteers as a reward for their voluntary/unpaid dedication.

14. New Lawn The lawns have become unsafe for visitirs due to moile depraditions etc. We need bnew lawns toigether with elctronic mole deterrents.




Please Get in Touch

Our gardens can inspire strong roots and great growth for better lives and a better planet.

There are so many projects and possibilities around the corner awaiting for us in life. I hope you will feel inspired by this website to initiate your own gardening adventures. And do feel free to share them with me. 


And if you have any tips, or advice or suggestions for support, or would like to propose/organise an event or study workshop I will be very glad to hear from you.


is a Registered  Charity (number: 1174239) in England & Wales


PURPOSE: To advance education in the subjects of horticulture, conservation , wildlife and heritage by providing study courses, training placements, talks, and workshops and other means for the enrichment of the Wiltshire/Calne and S.Glos/N.Somerset area communities and for the improvement of human well being in general based upon the Founder’s garden, library, writings, teaching and spiritual philosophy.

Please Donate

Please consider supporting the Trust's work for wildlife, education, and community  projects by making a donation.

Thank you!

Please note that all donations made by this method are transmitted automatically to our authorised UK bank account of the Tust and so can only be used for the purposes for which the Trust has designated.

Payment can be in any amount of your choice.



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The garden is private and is not open to the public on a daily basis. The Trust and the Garden is not a business or commercial enterprise and is strictly not-for-profit. It is a private educational Trust serving charitable objectives for the public good as defined by Charity Law in England and Wales. However in the interest of education and public benefit and to help enable others appreciate its work Stephen Ben Cox invites schools/gardening clubs/w.i's and other groups to arrange a private tour of his garden by prior appointment (the private visits season 2019 is: 14 May to 01 August). The Trust (registered charity number: 1174239) is unfunded except for donations. All income is used entirely to support the work and goals of the Trust. Stephen Ben Cox, the Trustees and Volunteers work unpaid. The Trust is seeking business sponsors to support the goals and activities of the Trust. Individual donations are also gratefully received . Any opportunity, event, facility or activity listed is philanthropic and offered in a private capacity in a spirit of good will for the benefit and enrichment of society.


No project or activity or anything published on this website grants any rights or assumptions of private access, or any other rights to either property or possession thereon or therein.


All visitors, volunteers, students, etc assume full personal responsibility for any accident/injury/ damage/loss to themselves or their possessions. Any visitor/volunteer/ student etc visits/partakes of their own volition and at their own risk. No claims will be accepted. Visitors should take note with regards to such things as: uneven ground, spiky/thorny plants, deep water, loose rocks & walling, slippery paving etc Students and volunteers must accept all our guides/terms produced for their well-being, health and safety.