Stephen Cox Garden Trust is a Registered  Charity (number: 1174239)



(The garden is not open to the general public and is private. The Trust is run for charitable and educational purposes. Neither Stephen Ben Cox nor the Trustees or Volunteers etc receive any payment for the work they do. All  donations/ plant sales/teas etc help maintain the garden and the work of the Charity) 

AN EXCLUSIVE VISIT: Whilst the garden is not open to the public, groups and organisations can book a private visit & conducted tour of the garden by prior appointment. Suggested entry donation is £5 per person.

The minimum size booking is 12 persons: You will be personally shown around by the creator  of the garden Stephen Ben Cox.

WHO COMES TO THE GARDEN? : A wide variety of private groups find the garden to be of interest and value. They include: Womens Institutes, gardening clubs, art and photography groups,  meditation groups, specialist research organisations, and variety of other organisations & societies, and schools etc. 

SCHEDULE: We gather together in the entrance patio area.  When everyone is ready I give a short talk/intro to the garden, its history, philosophy, etc and the work of the Trust

A laminated colour map & information sheet is then handed out to each person.   

We then proceed through the side garden to the first arch (entry to the main gardens) and a small paved area: so I can  gather your group together again and give them a short explanation of the "rooms"/themes.  

 I then find that people prefer to be left to their own devices to walk around the garden at their leisure (people often form into their own little groups) rather then be shepherded everywhere! I remain in the garden and walk about to chat to people, answer questions etc..

DATES 2020: Next year, the seaon for private group visits is:

Dates to be Announced  (weekdays, evenings, or weekends)

REFRESHMENTS: Tea/coffee & biscuits or scones (@£3 per person) can be arranged for after you have finished your garden tour. There is seating for up to 40 people in an area of the garden specially reserved for this, so that you can relax and talk about your visit and ask questions. (Refreshements are by arrangement and agreed when booking your visit)

HAVE A PLANT: There is a range of plants  available for a donation of £2 per pot individually grown in my own small nursery. These include: herbs; grasses; perennial flowers; alpines; pond plants; soft fruit; shrubs.

NOTES: There are no toilet facilities. Children must be accompanied at all times.    Regretably no dogs allowed (we have cats).   The garden is a no-smoking zone.   Ground is uneven in places.   The garden is difficult for wheelchair access: but there are lots of places to sit and rest, and additional walking sticks available to borrow. (N.b.: members of the public cannot join the private visits by these pre-arranged groups). Photography is allowed only by arrangement.   No radios/walkmans etc to be played during visits. 

All proceeds go to our registered charity (#1174239) to help maintain its work.

To book a visit please send an email  to:

visit by: Eddington & Tinhead W.I.

A group visit by 21 members of the Eddington & Tinhead Women's Institute on Thursday 27th. July 2017. A happy and charming group it was a delight to show around the garden. Concluded with sit-down tea with scones and jam.

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(note: only enquiries about the garden are accepted)



StephenBen Cox Garden





Is literally a stone's throw from my garden. I often go for a wallk there to relax and contemplate. It is stunning in any season and is one of the Georgian masterpieces of landscape design by the great Lancelot 'Capability' Brown.

A stunning Georgian stately home set in hundreds of acres of ‘Capability’ Brown landscape and gardens in Wiltshire. Bowood has been home to the Lansdowne family for over 260 years and carries with it a rich and fascinating history. The ‘pleasure grounds’ surrounding the House provide a wonderful experience for a range of visitors including families, specialist horticultural and garden enthusiasts, historians, schools, special interest groups or relaxing holidaymakers. Bowood offers the following attractions

Adventure Playground

One of the best in the South of England – high adrenalin rope walks, amazing slides, pirate galleon, flying foxes and the famous ‘Space Dive’ combine to create hours of amazing fun in the adventure playground. For younger children, asoft play area is available.

Award Winning Gardens in Wiltshire

Awarded the HHA/Christies Gardens of the Year in 2014, the formal terraces and gardens at the front of the House provide abundant colour throughout the season and provide a beautiful place to enjoy the view of the landscape beyond. The 4 acrePrivate Walled Garden at the rear of the House can be enjoyed by pre-booking a guided tour. Our Woodland Gardens open annually between April and June showcasing amazing vistas of colour from Rhododendrons and Azaleas.

Historic Stately Home

A beautiful House with a rich history to explore including the family library and chapel, the room where Joseph Priestley discovered Oxygen in 1774, the sculpture gallery, orangery and a range of exhibition rooms where nearly 300 years of amazing artefacts and antiques from the family history are on display.

Beautiful Grounds

Capability Brown created the landscape and stunning lake over 5 years between 1763 and 1768. It is one of the best (and most unspoilt) examples of his famous work. Visitors can explore at their leisure, 100 acres of pleasure grounds, including an arboretum, cascade, doric temple, Hermits Cave and the lake itself.

Tractor Ted’s Little Farm 

is situated close to the entrance of Bowood House & Gardens, next to the Treehouse Café. It is a lovely petting zoo for our younger visitors where they can meet friendly farm animals, watch chicks hatching and Tractor Ted’s real action films as well as having fun on the outdoor tractor track and mini diggers.



We are the only organisation concerned with all aspects of the environment in Wiltshire and Swindon. We care passionately about wildlife and conserving our natural heritage.

Wiltshire Wildlife Trust was set up in 1962 to campaign and take action to protect the natural environment.  Since then the Trust has grown to become one of the UK’s leading environmental charities, working to create a sustainable future for wildlife and people. We are, moreover, the only organisation in Wiltshire which is concerned with all aspects of the environment.

"This Trust does fantastc work supporting and caring for our wildlife and habitats. They also have lots if projects and activities you and your family can join in. Do support them!



InSpire Magazine:

The monthly parish magazine for the villages of Studley and Derry Hill, based on Christ Church Derry Hill. Invaluable community hub with the activities, groups, projects, and news of all the neighbourhood.

Deadline for receipt of articles is the 10th of each month.



Wiltshire & Swindon Biological Records Centre is the county’s local environmental records centre. We collect, collate, manage, interpret and make available detailed information on the wildlife, sites, habitats and geology of Wiltshire & Swindon. We work with agreement holders, customers and the public to provide a range of data services.

WSBRC is supported in its work by local authorities, government bodies, non-governmental organisations, land managers, volunteer recording groups and others. 

"I believe these records are essential to help monitor the condition and survival of our wildlife and look for dangers. You can help by recording your sightings in your garden or out on your walks.


Bowood House  (near Calne in Wiltshire)


is a Registered  Charity (number: 1174239) in England & Wales


PURPOSE: To advance education in the subjects of horticulture, conservation , wildlife and heritage by providing study courses, training placements, talks, and workshops and other means for the enrichment of the Wiltshire/Calne and S.Glos/N.Somerset area communities and for the improvement of human well being in general based upon the Founder’s garden, library, writings, teaching and spiritual philosophy.


The garden is private and is not open to the public on a daily basis. The Trust and the Garden is not a business or commercial enterprise and is strictly not-for-profit. It is a private educational Trust serving charitable objectives for the public good as defined by Charity Law in England and Wales. However in the interest of education and public benefit and to help enable others appreciate its work Stephen Ben Cox invites schools/gardening clubs/w.i's and other groups to arrange a private tour of his garden by prior appointment (the private visits season 2019 is: 14 May to 01 August). The Trust (registered charity number: 1174239) is unfunded except for donations. All income is used entirely to support the work and goals of the Trust. Stephen Ben Cox, the Trustees and Volunteers work unpaid. The Trust is seeking business sponsors to support the goals and activities of the Trust. Individual donations are also gratefully received .


Any opportunity, event, facility or activity listed is philanthropic and offered in a private capacity in a spirit of good will for the benefit and enrichment of society. No project or activity or anything published on this website grants any rights or assumptions of private access, or any other rights to either property or possession thereon or therein.


All visitors, volunteers, students, etc assume full personal responsibility for any accident/injury/ damage/loss to themselves or their possessions. Any visitor/volunteer/ student etc visits/partakes of their own volition and at their own risk. No claims will be accepted. Visitors should take note with regards to such things as: uneven ground, spiky/thorny plants, deep water, loose rocks & walling, slippery paving etc Students and volunteers must accept all our guides/terms produced for their well-being, health and safety.